Valve-Regulated Lead Acid Storage Battery 12V100ah for Uninterruptible Power Supply

Godsend GSF46160M-25 battery consists of 3.2V rated voltage and 25Ah rated capacity, which is widely used in ESS, such as UPS, factory energy storge. Its high rate discharge(8C) has been favored by clients.

Product Details
Our company has established a relatively complete modern corporate rules and regulations, and has a stable and well-trained team of employees. With the corporate philosophy of being professional and stronger we will strive to be an expert in the automotive battery management system, battery management system lithium ion, High Capacity LiFePO4 Battery industry and will continue to work hard. Our company will comprehensively combine talent advantages, brand advantages, and cultural advantages. We value the win-win concept of mutually beneficial cooperation with customers, and creates great returns for partners. With a strong scientific research and production system as the backing, our company can quickly meet the special requirements of some customers, carry out flexible production and sales, and constantly create impressive performance. If you wish to get more details about our company, Please contact with us now.

      As a high performance, long cycle life 25Ah LFP battery, it has been widely used in different areas of energy storage.

Main Parameters:



Nominal capacity25000 mAh @ 0.5C
Nominal voltage3.2 V
Impedance≤ 2 mΩ (50%SOC)
Cut-off charge voltage3.65±0.05 V

Charge current

12.5A/Standard charge:12.5A

25A/Rapid charge:25A

50A/Max charge current: 50A

Max discharge current200 A(8C)
Max instant discharge current375 A(15C)
Cut-off discharge voltage2.0 V

Operating temperature

Charge:0 ~ 45 °C

Discharge:-20 ~ 60 °C

Storage temperature

Long period (6 month):-10 ~ 35 °C

Short period (1 month):-20~45 °C

Storage humidity<85% RH
Cell weight

650.0±10 g

Our R&D Team


                                                 Zhejiang University


                                       Zhejiang University of Technology


1. UPS

2. Factory Energy Storage

3. PV Energy Storage

The company is committed to the production and development of all types of medium and high-end Valve-Regulated Lead Acid Storage Battery 12V100ah for Uninterruptible Power Supply. After the precipitation of time, our company has completed the structure of the framework and has begun to take shape. As always, we insist on being a long-term trusted partner of our customers.
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