Line Interactive UPS / Offline UPS / Backup UPS Power Supply System 600va / 800va

UPS Backup battery Systems for light and heavy industrial applications and small medium data center

Product Details
We updated and perfected the product structure of Deep Cycle Battery, Battery Module, High power Lithium ion Battery in order to comply with market changes and ever-increasing requirements of customers. Our company is not a company that blindly pursues sales performance and ignores the quality of products. People can't stand without credibility, and industry can't prosper without credibility. People-orientated and high quality are the core values of our company, to which we have always adhered and as our belief in continuous progress.

Production Description

    The GodSend UPS backup system is configurated by standardized LFP battery module NBZK-2P8S-25.6V40Ah. It is ideal for light and heavy industrial applications and small  medium data center. The system operates in wider temperature ranges with high tolerances for tough environments such as dust and vibration. Incorporating clean and pollution-free material, it can be sited indoors or out to maximize the space at your facility. If you are unsure which one might be best for you, please contact us, we can provide you the technical assistance you need to select the proper UPS system for your needs.




Pack configuration


Rated voltage


Rated capacity


Voltage range


Rated energy


Rated charge current


Rated discharge current


Max. discharge current(5S)


Operating temperatureCharge:-0~+45℃ ;Discharge:-20~+60℃


Excellent discharge performance

Flexible design to meet nearly any requirement

High reliability, low operation cost

Long life span by using lithium ion phosphate battery  

Widely operating temperature range





Micro-electronics & Semiconductor

Food & Beverage



Industrial Process


Power Generation

Oil & Gas 

Over the years, we have followed the business philosophy of 'efficiency, pragmatism, innovation, and transcendence', committed to providing customers with high-quality Line Interactive UPS / Offline UPS / Backup UPS Power Supply System 600va / 800va and services, hoping to create a win-win situation with customers. In the course of company's continuous development, we have accumulated rich industry experience, marketing resources and partnerships, and established a standardized customer service and guarantee system. Our development is driven by the core values of "seeking truth, innovation, execution, and trustworthiness".
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