High Performance 3.2V277ah (C2-LFP277W, Welding terminal) LiFePO4 Battery for EV/Ess

Godsend GSF46160M-25 battery consists of 3.2V rated voltage and 25Ah rated capacity, which is widely used in ESS, such as UPS, factory energy storge. Its high rate discharge(8C) has been favored by clients.

Product Details
The company has a good heritage, strives to innovate, and fully considers the market needs of rechargeable battery pack, car lithium battery, UPS Battery thoughout its many years of business. 'Strict product quality, beyond customer expectations' is our eternal purpose and pursuit. We believe that to create value for our peers is to achieve our own career. With plentiful full power, comprehensive support facilities and standardized production and management, we enjoy a high reputation in the industry. In order to ensure the company's vitality and competitiveness in the international market, we strictly control product quality during the production process.

      As a high performance, long cycle life 25Ah LFP battery, it has been widely used in different areas of energy storage.

Main Parameters:



Nominal capacity25000 mAh @ 0.5C
Nominal voltage3.2 V
Impedance≤ 2 mΩ (50%SOC)
Cut-off charge voltage3.65±0.05 V

Charge current

12.5A/Standard charge:12.5A

25A/Rapid charge:25A

50A/Max charge current: 50A

Max discharge current200 A(8C)
Max instant discharge current375 A(15C)
Cut-off discharge voltage2.0 V

Operating temperature

Charge:0 ~ 45 °C

Discharge:-20 ~ 60 °C

Storage temperature

Long period (6 month):-10 ~ 35 °C

Short period (1 month):-20~45 °C

Storage humidity<85% RH
Cell weight

650.0±10 g

Our R&D Team


                                                 Zhejiang University


                                       Zhejiang University of Technology


1. UPS

2. Factory Energy Storage

3. PV Energy Storage

Our production environment is superior, the management is standard and the quality of brand High Performance 3.2V277ah (C2-LFP277W, Welding terminal) LiFePO4 Battery for EV/Ess is excellent and stable. In our efforts, we already have many shops in China and our products have won praise from customers worldwide. We provide our customers with high-quality professional products and satisfactory integrated services.
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