4kw Power Backup System for Fridge, Air Conditioner, Water Pump

UPS Backup battery Systems for light and heavy industrial applications and small medium data center

Product Details
Consumer need to have is our God for lifepo4 battery management system, Lithium Ion Car Battery Pack, battery for golf cart. Looking forward to the future, we are united and determined to carry forward the successful experience in the progress and promote the enterprise spirit of cooperation, enterprising, rigorous and innovative. The company has strong technical force, and has always adhered to people-oriented technological innovation. The company always regards "wholehearted service" as the core strategy. We have many professional engineers and lead a technical team to retail in batches.

Production Description

    The GodSend UPS backup system is configurated by standardized LFP battery module NBZK-2P8S-25.6V40Ah. It is ideal for light and heavy industrial applications and small  medium data center. The system operates in wider temperature ranges with high tolerances for tough environments such as dust and vibration. Incorporating clean and pollution-free material, it can be sited indoors or out to maximize the space at your facility. If you are unsure which one might be best for you, please contact us, we can provide you the technical assistance you need to select the proper UPS system for your needs.




Pack configuration


Rated voltage


Rated capacity


Voltage range


Rated energy


Rated charge current


Rated discharge current


Max. discharge current(5S)


Operating temperatureCharge:-0~+45℃ ;Discharge:-20~+60℃


Excellent discharge performance

Flexible design to meet nearly any requirement

High reliability, low operation cost

Long life span by using lithium ion phosphate battery  

Widely operating temperature range





Micro-electronics & Semiconductor

Food & Beverage



Industrial Process


Power Generation

Oil & Gas 

We are dedicated to provide high-quality services to users at home and abroad to meet the new demand for 4kw Power Backup System for Fridge, Air Conditioner, Water Pump. We have always inherited the entrepreneurial, pragmatic and team spirit of hard struggle. Based on the establishment of a complete set of operation and management models and comprehensive supporting facilities, we have a group of management talents, enabling our company to achieve rapid and steady development.
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