420mins 1.5V Lr6 AA Super Alkaline Dry Industrial Battery for Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Storage Battery System Using Lithium-ion Batteries

Product Details
With our technical and sales and service capabilities, we are confident that we can meet the needs of every consumer for the 48V starting battery, battery balancing circuit, High Power Battery. In the spirit of the world as a teacher, we will learn forever, practice hard and strive for success with heart. We will make every step towards our ideal more solid, and paint a better tomorrow. We have always taken the mission of leading the industry forward and innovating its development path.

Storage Battery System Using Lithium-ion Batteries

Production Description

The Gushen storage battery modules offer optimum power generation in smaller spaces. The standard battery module is a freely scalable building block containing 456 cylindrical LFP lithium-ion battery cells. By using proven battery technology, we are able to realize the highest level of safety and quality. Batteries with high performance and reliability have earned the confidence of customers. 




Excellent discharge performance

Flexible design to meet nearly any requirement

High reliability, low operation cost

Long life span by using lithium ion battery

Battery management unit for mid to large scale systems

Standard battery modules for energy storage.



Charges the electricity generated by PVs, and uses it for peak load cut and backup power supply. Jointly demonstrating a system to forecast solar power output solar power output.

In order to meet the increasingly complex and changeable processing needs of users, our company pays attention to continuously improving and improving the performance and quality of 420mins 1.5V Lr6 AA Super Alkaline Dry Industrial Battery for Infrared Forehead Thermometer. Our company relies on continuous technical improvement and excellent product performance. Under the strict quality assurance system and the orderly control of the enterprise management system, we have reached a high level of design and development, manufacturing, inspection and testing.
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