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Why Lithium Batteries Have Become The Shackles Of New Energy Sources?

Sep 08, 2018

As we all know, the advantage of new energy vehicles is that they are less carbon and more environmentally friendly than gasoline-fueled vehicles. It uses unconventional vehicle fuel as power source, such as lithium batteries, hydrogen fuel and so on. Lithium batteries are also widely used, in addition to new energy vehicles, mobile phones, notebook computers, tablets, mobile power, electric bicycles, electric tools and so on.

At present, whether it is the world-renowned Tesla or the well-known domestic Xiaopeng cars, Ultimate cars and BYD and other mainstream new energy vehicles are using lithium batteries. The lithium batteries used by these new energy automobile manufacturers can be divided into: lithium iron phosphate batteries, lithium ternary batteries (including NCA and NCM), lithium manganate batteries, lithium cobalt batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries, lithium titanate batteries and so on. Among them, Tesla, Beiqi E200/150, Guangzhou Auto Chuanqi GA5EV, Beijing Mercedes-Benz, Morning BMW 5 series, Ulara cars and other uses of lithium-ion batteries are ternary. BYD once used lithium iron phosphate battery later turned to the three yuan lithium battery camp.

But whether it is three yuan lithium battery or lithium iron phosphate battery, it is impossible to avoid flammable and explosive risks.

Lithium is the most active metal in the world. Because of its active chemical properties, when lithium metal is exposed to the air, it will produce intense oxidation reaction with oxygen, so it is easy to produce explosion, combustion and other phenomena. In addition, redox reactions also occur in lithium batteries during charging and discharging. The explosion and spontaneous combustion are mainly caused by the accumulation of lithium batteries after heating, too late to diffusion and release. Simply put, lithium batteries generate a lot of heat during charging and discharging, which will lead to a rise in the internal temperature of the battery and the uneven temperature between individual batteries, resulting in the instability of the battery's new energy.

In August, Apple's Amsterdam, the Netherlands, retail store had to evacuate customers from the store temporarily because the iPad battery exploded and released potentially harmful substances into the air. Prior to this, Samsung, millet, HUAWEI and so on have also been self ignition incidents. Accidents have shown that when people are improperly charged, or the ambient temperature is too high, it is extremely easy to trigger lithium battery spontaneous combustion, explosion, which has become a heart disease of manufacturers.

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