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Why LiFePO4 Battery Has An Excellent Performance?

Dec 12, 2017

It is reported that recently there is a new study explaining the reason of LiFePO4 batterys high performance: for its inherent flaw.

The researcher found there is a “dislocation” phenomenon of some atoms that goes during the production process of LiFePO4, and just this “dislocation”, which results in a bigger area for lithium ions releasing and absorbing, gives the right answer.

The effective increase in LiFePO4 active surface area by this “dislocation” could let the lithium ion run more efficient between positive electrode and electrolyte.

Researcher Tang said: most cell positive electrode is made as thin plate to promote lithium ion unidirectional movement, this discovery changed our mind of LiFePO4 optimum shape design. The “dislocation” allows lithium ion moving multidirectional, in this way the optimum performance design standard is completely wrong.

Even the specialists in battery study don’t know all of lithium ion battery and its electrochemical properties. With more and more scientist studying and conceiving of these, the lithium ion battery performance would be improved a lot!


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