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Why Choose Portable Outdoor UPS Power Supply?

Jun 12, 2020

Why choose portable outdoor UPS power supply? Outdoor portable UPS power supply has the advantages of wide input voltage range, small size, easy to carry, wide input frequency range, pure, stable and stable output waveform, which can fully cope with the harsh power supply environment. Portable UPS is widely used in various fields such as outdoor office, outdoor shooting, outdoor construction, backup power supply and rescue.

Why choose portable outdoor UPS power supply?

People who are engaged in outdoor work or outdoor camping groups are most afraid of the emergency of the power of the equipment they bring. This is also the most worrying and insecure first thing. For outdoor requirements, a portable UPS power supply is the best choice for charging different digital devices. The portable UPS adopts lithium battery design, which is novel and fashionable in appearance and convenient to carry, which is one third of the weight of ordinary UPS.

In order to make it easier for users to carry a portable UPS when moving outdoors, the overall shape of the design is as light and portable as possible to facilitate transportation. The bottom of the portable UPS trolley box is equipped with a roller to facilitate towing, and the top has a retractable rod to facilitate users of different heights to drag the portable UPS.

Speaking from the external structure, in order to allow the portable UPS to better adapt to the ever-changing outdoor environment, in the selection of the shell material, imported high-strength engineering plastics are used, which are resistant to falling, earthquake, fire, and rain. Functions.

Turn to the safety protection design of the internal system, that is, multiple overload, overvoltage, short circuit protection design, as well as overload, overcurrent, overcharge, overdischarge and other protection. Multiple lines of defense, multiple protections, only for users to have more security when using portable UPS.

Characteristics and application of portable UPS power supply

1. The portable UPS power supply is used under the environment of strict instrument load and high power supply texture. It can ensure inverter switching, output voltage, frequency stability and the purity of the output waveform.

2. The portable UPS energy storage power supply can be used in mountainous areas, pastoral areas, outdoor areas as well as in vehicles and ships without electricity, and can be operated by direct current and power exchange.

3. The portable mobile UPS power supply is a portable high-capacity UPS power supply, which is manufactured with high-performance lithium batteries and the most advanced lithium-ion battery technology. It has strong output energy and provides two modes of AC output and DC output to facilitate different mobile products. It’s easy to carry.

4. The portable UPS power supply protects important loads such as the standby machine. If there is a failure, there will be economic losses.

5. The portable UPS power supply is an uninterrupted power supply that has extremely high requirements for inverter switching. It has the characteristics of voltage stabilization and frequency stability and purification of mains electricity. It can also perform double rectification/inverter conversion for power supply.

6. The portable UPS power supply integrates multiple functions such as light weight, high capacity, and high power. It is light and portable, and it is better to be used for long-term outdoor power supply.

In general: 220V portable outdoor power supply, which can be used for emergency backup in vehicles and has UPS power supply function. The outdoor portable UPS power supply is small in size, light in weight, convenient to carry, large in output power, wide in application range, long in working time, and is essential for home travel.

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