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What’s Stationary Battery, What Are The Pros And Cons?

Dec 28, 2017

The key characteristic of stationary battery is by using solid-state electrode and electrolyte. Lithium-sulfur, lithium metal, gel battery, even fuel cell, which are regarded as high density battery in the industry, are classified as stationary battery.

Comparing to liquid cell, the advantages of stationary battery are as following:

Much safer. The liquid electrolyte is flammable and explosive, and the increase lithium dendrites during charging, easily pricks the separator, which results in short circuit. By contrast, solid-state electrolyte is non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-volatile, and anti-leakage, also there is no lithium dendrites. Thus, it is much safer.

High energy density. As solid electrolyte preventing increase of lithium dendrites, the material application scope is improved a lot, which provides much space to increase energy density. Now the energy density of stationary battery being developed is 300-400Wh/kg.


High circulation performance. There is no lithium dendrites within stationary battery during charge/discharge, so, the life span of lithium battery is expanded a lot. It can reach 45000times at ideal situation.

Wide application fields. Tight structure, adjustable size and good design flexibility, of these characteristics allows it to be applied in micro electron device, or power and ESS field. Besides, the temperature range is extended, up to -25-60

Also it has weakness, which just limits its commercial process.

Large interfacial impedance. The interface between electrode and electrolyte is solid-to-solid state, therefore the effective contact of electrode and electrolyte weakens down, which results in low motivation for ion.

High cost. It is known that the liquid battery cost is about $200-300/kwh. The production cost of stationary battery applying for smartphone based on today’s technology is $15K, and for electric vehicle the cost is up to $90millions.

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