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What Can Be Done To Solve The Explosion And Fire Of Lithium Battery?

Mar 20, 2021

The contents of the battery are under pressure, so if a metal fragment pierces the partition that insists on the separation of the object, or the battery is pierced, the lithium will react violently with the water in the air, and the high temperature will sometimes cause the lithium battery to catch fire.

Lithium batteries provide high power output with minimal weight. The design of the battery pack is mainly light, which means that there is a thin partition between the battery and the thin shell. Diaphragms and coatings are quite fragile and they can be punctured. If the battery is damaged, there will be a short circuit. A spark can also ignite highly active lithium. Another possibility is that lithium-ion batteries may be heated out of control. Here, the heat of the contents puts pressure on the battery, which may lead to the explosion of the lithium battery.

The thermal explosion mechanism of lithium-ion battery is: when the battery is subjected to thermal shock, overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, vibration, extrusion and other misuse conditions, chemical and electrochemical reactions will occur between the active substances and electrolyte components in the battery, resulting in a large amount of heat and gas, which will lead to ignition If the internal heat generation rate of lithium-ion battery is greater than the heat loss rate, the reaction temperature in the system will continue to rise. When the heat and internal pressure accumulate to a certain extent, the battery will burn or explode.

1. Flame retardant is added to the existing electrolyte. However, a large amount of flame retardants need to be added to the electrolyte to reduce the conductivity and electrochemical properties of the battery.

2. For example, in order to prevent overcharge of lithium-ion battery, PTC polymer switch or explosion-proof safety valve is installed in the safety helmet of the battery.

3. The thermal stability of lithium battery is related to the type of cathode material and electrolyte. The cathode materials with good thermal stability were synthesized by optimizing the synthesis conditions and improving the synthesis method.

4. In order to improve the thermal stability of lithium batteries, the carbon materials are oxidized weakly, such as reduction, doping, surface modification, etc., or the spherical and fibrous carbon anode materials are used.

In order to give full play to the advantages of lithium battery and prevent the huge loss caused by fire, it is necessary to find out the real cause of its fire, so as to make preventive countermeasures, use it correctly and prevent the loss. Soil conservation standard can be used for watering conservation.