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What Are The Applications Of Lithium Ion Batteries?

Aug 04, 2018

In recent years, the application of lithium ion batteries has become more and more widely used. Lithium batteries are widely used in power storage power systems such as hydraulic, fire, wind and solar power stations, as well as electric tools, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric vehicles, military equipment, aerospace and other fields. At present, lithium batteries have gradually extended to electric bicycles, electric vehicles and other fields. Next we will give a detailed introduction to several industries of lithium ion battery application.

one. Application of electric bike

At present, most of electric vehicles in China still use lead-acid batteries as power. The quality of the battery itself is more than ten kilograms. If lithium ion batteries are used, the quality of the batteries is only about 3 kilograms. Therefore, the lithium ion battery instead of the lead acid battery of the electric bicycle is the inevitable trend. So the light, convenient, safe and cheap of the electric vehicle will be welcomed by more and more people.

Two, the application of electric vehicle

For our country, automobile pollution is becoming more and more serious, and the damage to the environment by tail gas and noise has to be controlled and controlled, especially in some large and crowded cities with heavy traffic and heavy traffic. Therefore, the new generation of lithium ion batteries have been greatly developed in the electric vehicle industry because of their pollution free, less pollution and diversity of energy, so the application of lithium ion batteries is another good way to solve the current situation.

Three. Application of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Because of the strong advantages of lithium ion batteries, the aerospace organization also applies lithium ion batteries to space missions. The main role of lithium ion batteries in the field of aviation is to support the correction and ground operation in launch and flight, and to improve the efficiency of the primary battery and support night operation.

Four, other applications

From electronic watch, CD player, mobile phone, MP3, MP4, camera, cameras, a variety of remote control, whisker knife, pistol drill, children's toys. From emergency power supply in hospitals, hotels, supermarkets, telephone exchanges and other occasions, power tools are widely used lithium-ion batteries.