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What Are New Methods And Technologies Can Improve The Safety Of Lithium Battery?

Jul 15, 2017

1)Battery material technology

1. It has been proved that battery safety performance can be significantly improved when using polymer modified separator and inorganic/organic polymer modified separator. For example, separator invented by Degussa, a ceramic dip coated with PET polymer matrix materials, has a certain chemical stability and thermal stability. In production, Degussa produced a flexible membrane using polymer non-woven fabric consisting of aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide and silicon oxide. Another Asahi Kasei Inorganic-blended separator has been created. The porosity of the separator is increased to 50 to 70%, while the resistance is reduced to the half of the previous product.

2.It achieves certain results when the most researches stay in the anode and cathode surface coating, modification, doping and so on. To thoroughly improve these hazards, it is necessary to develop new high safety materials.

3. For liquid electrolyte, Lithium salt with wide temperature stable range and good conductivity is considered. On the other hand, it needs to develop electrolyte with wide electrochemical window, thermal stability.

2) manufacturing technology

The slurry dispersion technology, the battery consistency technology and battery management system should be taken seriously.

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