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The Special Envoy Visited Godsend

May 25, 2019

    On May 24, 2019, the Special Envoy of the Chinese Affairs of the Philippines, Mr. William, and his entourage visited Godsend.

    First of all, Mr. Sun, General Manager of Godsend led a special envoy to visit the factory and introduced the whole process of production.

    After visiting the factory, we introduced the basic information, including the history of Godsend, the advantages of the LFP and NCM battery, the patents and certificates and the application field of the LFP and NCM battery (ELECTRIC VEHICLES, ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM). The Special Envoy also raised a series of questions, such as, application areas (lithium-ion batteries that are used in thermal power generation, island energy storage, rail transit, electric vehicles, etc.), whether it can meet the conversion of 220V, 60Hz AC to DC, some factors when investing energy storage projects, period of investment back.  

    Mr. Sun answered these questions raised by the special envoy one by one.  Later, Mr. Sun also raised some questions to the special envoy, such as the Philippine government's subsidies and preferential policies for energy storage projects, and the nature of the land. The two sides exchanged views and answered each other on their respective issues. In the end, the two sides reached some commons towards some questions.

    In the end, Mr. William  gave a high praise Godsend.



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