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The Relationship Between Power Battery And Electric Vehicle

Feb 17, 2018

1. The relationship with the vehicle. What does a good battery do for the whole car? In safety, to do not fire in any case, not explode, do not emit toxic gases, in performance, whether the voltage, electricity, or charging power to meet the needs of the entire vehicle drive.

High energy density is beneficial to weight reduction, long life and better performance. On the other hand, the vehicle must also contribute to the battery, providing better installation space and protection space. If the whole car does not work well, it is very difficult to rely solely on the battery for independent performance.

2. Relationship with use and maintenance. How to maintain and apply, battery manufacturers have this responsibility and obligation to define good, both user-friendly, but also to ensure that users know how to use and maintenance. Battery system of the three major technologies, one is the core technology, whether the material, or battery technology, process, it determines the safety of the battery, life, and the second is the BMS, it gave the battery system wisdom of the brain, guiding the battery is not abused, this is the tube good battery, the basis of good batteries; The third is group technology, whether from the battery to the module, or module to pack. Group technology provides a strong "body" for the battery pack.

3. The relationship with the charge. Power Battery system is a DC system, it only accept direct current, AC and DC charging is only the difference between the pile interface, in the whole car and the relationship between the charge pile, is the exchange into the whole car or DC into the whole car difference. Some commercial buses also use high-power dual-gun charging and wireless charging devices.