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The Lithium Energy Storage Will Meet Trillion Market

Feb 09, 2018

It is well known that the new market demand for lithium ion batteries is being formed very quickly. Lithium ion batteries are currently divided into three large blocks. The first is consumer electronics. Now, on the top of mobile devices, most of the smart phones and laptop computers have used Li ion batteries. The market capacity can basically be calculated by tens of billions of units. The second one is the demand for electric vehicles in the ascendant. The demand has been gradually formed, no matter the pure electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. Third, is to remind colleagues attention, the future in the field of energy storage battery. Its market capacity will be wider than electric cars, and it can even measure its market with a trillion of the output value.

The demand for electric vehicles and energy storage market has created a new market space for lithium ion batteries. At present, a batch of technology based and productive enterprises are growing rapidly, and the technological progress of power battery is also very rapid.

From the current perspective, the requirements of electric vehicles and energy storage applications require safety, high energy density, long life and low cost, and the products with fairly mature technology can be industrialized so as to match the rapid development of the two industries. Now, lithium ion power battery is the best choice at present. The wide market demand is attracting lots of R & D and manufacturing inputs to the industry, which promotes the rapid development of Li ion battery technology. So the industry has been developing very fast recently.

The key point is that if a energy storage system is divided into four parts. One is the energy storage unit, the battery has a lot of variety of things; the other one is the conversion of energy is the direct current and alternating current to change things; there is a energy access, such as transformer, switch cabinet and the most important; there is a will to energy management, smart grid, smart city and choose a variety of effective energy management is very important. These technologies are all maturing. In raw materials, batteries, then the entire industry chain link, to create hundreds of billions or even higher in terms of lithium battery industry chain is not a myth.

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