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The Introduction Of The Termination Tape Inside The Lithium Battery Cell

Mar 21, 2018

The introduction of the termination tape inside the lithium battery cell

The tape consists of two parts: the substrate and the glue. In general, according to the glue system, there are two kinds of termination tape: acrylic resin which is resistant to weak acid and alkali, and silicone resin which is not resistant to acid and alkali.

Generally, it is best to use all acrylic acid-resistant adhesive in the internal tape of the lithium cell.

There are mainly high temperature resistant adhesive tape and not-high temperature resistant adhesive tape. High-temperature adhesive tapes are mainly used as termination tapes, while non-high-temperature adhesive tapes are mainly used as pole tapes.

Non-high-temperature resistant substrates include PET, BOPP, etc. The temperature resistance value is about 200 degrees. And the high-temperature resistant substrate is polyimide, and the temperature resistance value exceeds 300 degrees.

The best choice is according to actual needs. In addition, it is worth mentioning that maybe there is metal impurity inside the tape. Therefore, it is better to detect the metal content in the IQC of the adhesive tape.