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The Game Between Active Equilibrium Vs Passive Equilibrium Value And Price

Jan 14, 2018

Generally speaking, the battery in the initial life cycle consistency is better, but with the increase in the use of time, the consistency of the difference will continue to expand, to eliminate the inconsistency of the battery pack, it is necessary to talk about the balanced solution. According to the reporter of Electric Vehicle Resource Network, the two kinds of balanced schemes of new energy vehicles are active equilibrium and passive equilibrium, but for the consideration of price, domestic enterprises are more inclined to the passive equilibrium mode. And with the passive equilibrium in the actual application exposed a lot of problems, the industry's wind direction has begun to change, for the active balance of the discussion is rising. From the second half of 2014 to present time, China's new energy vehicle development is very rapid, 2014 promotion of new energy vehicles after more than 2 years of time, the battery consistency problem gradually exposed. Liu Zhiju said, according to some real vehicle data research found that the battery pack and active equalization scheme with passive equilibrium are not even taken in any equilibrium mode, the battery capacity attenuation is more serious, the consistency of the batteries is poor, and the batteries with active equilibrium are better consistent, and the life of the cell can be increased by at least 25. %。 In a stage where battery technology is not sufficiently skillful, active equalization is particularly important to ensure battery consistency and prolong battery life. Because the passive equilibrium is difficult to reduce the consistency difference of the battery pack in the whole life cycle, some manufacturers realize the necessity and importance of active equilibrium and start to adopt the active equilibrium method. In the application aspect, the active equilibrium is more complicated than the passive equilibrium structure, and the relative price is higher, which is one of the main reasons for the delay of the active equilibrium. To this, Liu Zhiju think this actually embodies the game between price and value, the passive equilibrium can reduce the initial purchase cost, but the active equilibrium can ensure the consistency of the battery, prolong the battery life, from the whole product life cycle, take into account the maintenance or battery replacement cost, the cost is actually lower.