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The Future Change And Development Trend Of Power Battery

Feb 26, 2018

1. Lower prices. After looking at the changes in demand over the next few years and battery development technology trends, more commonly speaking, the price of at least halved, our goal is to complete 2020. In fact, our boss asked us to reduce the 2020 at least half of the situation to the premise that our users think this is a good thing.

2. Increase energy density. The energy density will rise to 1.3 times times to twice times the current average level of 130wh/kg in the industry, but it is possible that pure lithium iron phosphate has the chance to do 150~170wh/kg. Pure lithium iron phosphate silicon electrode materials when used up, there is a chance to reach 180 wh/kg. Now the country proposes a higher target is wh/kg, the system energy to the wh/kg, the state to ask higher.

3. Improve cycle life. The three-dimensional batteries used by passenger cars and logistics vehicles are now 1000-2000 cycles long, but some do it 2,500 times, as well as 6000 and 7,000 times. The same level of technology, power-type electric core design in place, its cycle life will be longer than the energy type, basically the cycle life up to now twice times. Lithium iron phosphate can be elevated from 2000-4000 to 10,000 times.

4. Electric core, module, battery pack industry standardization. Core, module, battery pack industry standardization is the fourth trend.