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The Blowout Era Of New Energy Vehicles How Did The Bucket Effect Of The Battery Pack Break?

Apr 17, 2018

The pain points in the “blowout” era of new energy vehicles are mainly the electric part, that is, the battery part. The mileage of new energy vehicles depends on the performance of the battery pack. The performance of the battery pack depends on the battery with the worst internal performance, which is often referred to as the "barrel effect."

Since the parameters such as the capacity and performance of each battery are not the same at the factory, the voltage and performance of the entire battery will exhibit a certain degree of dispersion after a certain number of years of operation. The main performance is that when the battery is fully charged, some batteries are full. Some batteries are not fully charged yet; when discharged, some batteries discharge electricity faster, and some batteries have electricity remaining. With conventional charging methods, this defect cannot be effectively solved.

In response to this state of the art, Goite uses a unique, bi-directional energy transfer active equalization technique to improve the integrity of the entire battery pack. This technology enables direct transfer of energy from any two cells in the battery pack, through two-way synchronous rectification technology. The efficiency is greater than 90% and the equalization current is ±2A. The same balanced current balance efficiency is higher, and the module size is smaller and the effect is better.