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Some Factors Affecting The Life Cycle Of Battery

May 09, 2019

    When discussing about the life cycle of Li-ion battery, we must take several factors into consideration.

1. Temperature

    Usually, the best temperature should be 25 ℃ or so. Other temperature will have negative effect on the life cycle.

2. Charge and discharge rate

    Usually, there are different charge and discharge rate. For example, 1C charge and discharge, 0.5C charge and discharge. Compared with 1C charge, discharge and 0.5C charge, discharge, the latter will extend the life cylce of battery.

3. DOD

    Depth of discharge, also called DOD, has great effect on the life cycle of batetry. Usually, the deeper DOD is, the shorter life cycle will be. For example, Compared with 100% DOD and 80% DOD, the latter is beneficial to the longer life cycle of battery.

    Thus, temperature, charge and discharge rate, DOD should be all considered when discussing the life cycle of battery.

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