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Safety Standard Should Be Improved When BMS Standard Threshold Is Lower(2)

Jan 14, 2018

Compared with the ECU in the traditional automobile, the BMS has the similarity and difference of the vehicle. In the similarity, the traditional vehicle through the ecu+ engine, the electric vehicle through the bms+ battery pack, realizes the control, the detection and the calibration. Differences, the ECU is a mechanical transmission platform, low-voltage automotive Electronics, hardware simple + software complex, BMS is the electric transmission platform, Low-voltage + high pressure automotive electronics, hardware complex + software complex. Whether the BMS is the same as the ECU to go the specialized third party route, depends on the BMS core competitiveness.

Godsend expounds the value of BMS from simple functional requirements: Balance (balanced)-monitor (monitoring)-states (state) to its intrinsic value development: Brain (Intelligent)-multiport (multi-terminal)-synergy (Synergy). BMS is not just a battery protector, but also to interact with the vehicle, control the best energy release of the battery, BMS is a hub, connected to the battery, the whole car charger, car chargers, rechargeable piles, a number of electrical equipment work together, so that the electric car better play the characteristics of the battery.

Godsend, May 25 The final standard of electric vehicle components-battery management system standards will meet to solicit comments. Shri Jun that the standard should be improved, the previous standard is floor standards, anyone can go past, now to improve professional and safety standards, in addition to basic functions, may be integrated into the concept of security, including EMC.

Godsend has focused on battery management systems, in the industry to achieve a number of first: the first invention of the active balance and commercialization of applications: lithium titanate, lithium iron, three yuan; the first super thousands large-scale orders: Shenzhen Universiade; the first implementation of mass remote monitoring: Public transport safety, logistics operations, commuting and so on. The first professional BMS company to import ISO26262 standards: Functional safety, aspice and so on. Through the "100-person" research and development team construction, not less than 10% of sales revenue research and development costs sustained investment, based on the expansion of more than 30% market share, Godsend will strive to become the world's leading electric vehicle key parts suppliers in the next 5 years.