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Safety Standard Should Be Improved When BMS Standard Threshold Is Lower

Jan 14, 2018

New demand for electric vehicles--2016 Power Battery Industry Development forum ", trying to clarify the power battery industry pattern and demand direction, explore the new era of power battery challenges and countermeasures."  Deputy general manager Shri Jun published "BMS: The importance of power battery applications" keynote speech. BMS, he said, is critical to the safety of power batteries and should improve battery management system standards. The previous standard thresholds were low, and now you need to improve your professional and security standards and join EMC requirements.

Godsend first shared a view of the electric car industry, overall, China's electric vehicle development is unstoppable, there are four major elements of support, one is the national strategy: attaches great importance to the development of new energy vehicles, its essence is to promote the core technology development; second, landing policy: The State Council (strategy), Science and Technology Department (Technology), Ministry of Communications ( ), the Ministry of Finance (subsidies), Development and Reform Commission (access), Energy Bureau (charging), housing construction department (charging pile); third, industry change: the Internet and other enterprises Cross-industry joining will accelerate the change of electric vehicle product pattern; Four is opportunity opportunity: to the traditional industrial electronics, electrical control and the Internet and other enterprises new.

Godsend that the electric car is not a new industry, is the automotive industry for quite a long period of time products. First, environmental pollution is imminent: a shortage of energy, the diversification of new energy, environmental pollution; The second is the core platform electrification: The core technology from the traditional engine-driven mechanical parts into electric motor driven by the electrical components, more suitable for China's industrial development conditions Third, the technology is highly integrated: energy supply from one-time consumption of fuel into reusable rechargeable batteries, fully integrated information, Internet, electrical, electronic, mechanical, chemical and other multidisciplinary, can drive the development of China's core technology and upgrade.

Since it is a product, it will certainly go to market, from policy-driven, benefit-driven, technology-driven, to the next five years after the market-driven, this is a necessary process. From the development point of view, last year the most fire is the bus, special vehicles, buses, special vehicles can be called commercial vehicles. The real start of the orderly development is passenger cars, why set until 2020, because the state subsidies in the promotion of the role. 2017, the real market will be subdivided passenger cars. The overall development of electric vehicles is continuous upward, the process is more tortuous, do not read over the negative effects of deception and other problems; Do not stop research and development of continuous investment and core technology upgrade; Do not involve quality (decay too fast) and safety problems (fire).