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Power Battery Technology Upgrade Requires Urgent, High Energy Density Trend Irreversible

Mar 07, 2018

January 16, 2018, by the China Chemical and Physical Power Industry association and the China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association powered Battery Application Branch jointly sponsored by the Tafer New energy technology contractors "unique Carpenter core, wisdom to create the future" New Energy Industry Summit and 2018 new situation of power battery development Direction Seminar was successfully held in Nanjing, Jiangsu province. This summit gathered the power battery industry leaders, new energy vehicles, power batteries, upstream materials, equipment manufacturing and other fields of experts and scholars, research institutions and business representatives. The delegates, based on the new policy of China's new energy vehicles in the 2018, comprehensively analyze the future development trend from the aspects of policy, industry, market and technology, which has a very important guiding significance for the whole industry.

2017 new energy vehicles and power battery industry in the national Policy support and the joint efforts of various enterprises have made great achievements. With the rapid progress of technology, new energy vehicle endurance and security gradually strengthened. The capacity of power battery has been further improved after the expansion of the tidal wave. With the advent of the 2018, subsidy further Xianpo already is the fact, under the new policy situation, to the system energy density further enhancement's realistic demand, causes the new energy entire depot to the Power Battery enterprise technology upgrade request to become more urgent, the new EKG request also urges the new energy entire depot to accelerate the light quantification step. How to balance the relationship between the two, become a new energy plant and power battery enterprises must pay attention to the focus of this summit is in such an industry background.

Power Battery technology upgrade requires urgent, high energy density trend irreversible

Experts at the summit said that the irreversible high energy density trend, making ternary batteries become the trend, and lightweight requirements for the entry of new materials to provide the basis for the continuous strengthening of security requirements, so that the future of power batteries will be how to develop the problem, become more urgent.

At this summit, as the contractor of Tafer New energy technology, released the annual "Carpenter core" new products: first, for passenger cars, special car market 135Ah three-square aluminum shell of the core, its energy density up to 215wh/kg, cycle life of up to 3,000 times. Second, for energy storage and special vehicle market, lithium iron phosphate 115Ah batteries, cycle life of up to 10,000 times, tafer batteries in energy density, lightweight and service life of the design has been at the industry-leading level, attracted the appreciation of the participants and concern.

The release of new products, showing the tafer for the market pulse accurate grasp and strong technical research and development strength, the new situation in the field of power battery technology flow leader. As the power battery field from behind the Dark Horse, Tafer's technical reserve is not a day.

Tafer, founded at the end of 2014, has just spent his third birthday, but has been the industry's stunning "tafer speed" rapid development. As of January 2018, Tafer staff of more than 1100 people, including more than 400 research and development staff, the core team members with electrochemical, chemical engineering, optical engineering, control science and Engineering, materials science, power electronics, process design and other multidisciplinary knowledge reserves, has a wealth of battery development, production, Experience in manufacturing and testing. It is reported that most of the core members of the team from the current domestic top power battery enterprises, once dominated Europe, well-known domestic depot and the world's largest storage and other key projects, is the field of domestic power battery technology pioneer. With their own years of technical precipitation and experience accumulated to build more professional power batteries, this new release is the best example.

Under the background of the rapid development of the new energy industry, Tafer began to carry out the strategic layout of the whole industry chain development. To Nanjing headquarters as the base, based on the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta radiation surrounding areas, for the national upstream and downstream supply chain strategic cooperation. At this summit, Tafer also signed strategic cooperation agreement with ICBC, Nanjing Bank, speed up electric vehicle, Gaomai new energy and other enterprises. Tafer future will be in the whole industry chain to expand the depth of cooperation, including raw material development, performance verification, supply management, core research and development, performance promotion, battery module, pack research and development, production of electric vehicle storage, the use of battery echelon and waste battery safety recovery, raw materials reuse, and strive to create a new energy industry cluster.

2018, with the further adjustment of the national New energy policy, the power battery market will usher in a new round of shuffling and integration, the industry calls more like Tafer so focused on technology to "the heart of craftsmen" to create quality products enterprises, with the joint efforts of these enterprises, We believe that China's new energy industry can create more dazzling achievements in the future.