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Machine Replaces Labors, Godsend Be A Model

Dec 06, 2016

In order to further accelerate the "machine replaces labors ", commend and propagandize representative and exemplary leading enterprises, which have achieved remarkable results in downsizing employees, increasing labor productivity, improving yield rate, etc., Hangzhou Economic and Information Technology Commission announced 25 enterprises were the year 2016 Hangzhou " machine replaces labors " demonstration enterprises on November 10, 2016. Zhejiang Godsend Power Technology Co.,Ltd was in the list.

With the rise in labor prices, China’s “demographic dividend" is constantly disappearing. There are recruitment difficulties and high labor costs in most of the enterprises. At the same time, the machines can maximize the manufacturing technology, increase of Li battery quality to better meet consumer needs, fundamentally enhance the enterprises competitiveness. In addition, industry access standards are raised constantly, especially putting forward clear requirements on the enterprise's technology and equipment levels and so on. Thus, many companies have introduced modern, automated equipments for technological transformation and upgradation to achieve technology dividend instead of demographic dividend. It becomes an inevitable choice of industry upgrading and economic growth in China.

Godsend promotes the " machine replaces labors " vigorously to enhance the operation levels, accelerating the new battery development and improving lithium ion battery quality. Plenty of money have been invested for company to equip with the US ROSS automatic powder system, process control pulp system, automated slurry delivery system, Japan Yamaha automatic online helium mass spectrometry leak detection and other industry-leading automated rechargeable battery production equipments. Otherwise, we strengthen the autonomy technical transformation, jointly designed and developed domestic first automated cylinder battery welding assembly line, straight-line glove box injection machine with other enterprises, which makes the company in the forefront of peer level.

To start from our own development needs and to be closely consistent with the country development direction, Godsend will make full use of technologies and means such as data, cloud computing, internet of things, etc. to achieve management system efficient coordination and integration, data analysis and optimization. We are going to promote company transformation and upgrading, achieve the " machine replaces labors " to the " intelligent manufacturing " change.