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Lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage Technology For Shipping

Jul 26, 2019

The field of road traffic has already accepted the electrification of transportation, and many countries have proposed the strategic goal of electrification of road traffic. Most of these fields use lithium-ion batteries as the power system. In addition, the grid infrastructure has made great achievements in the application of lithium-ion batteries. It now appears that the water shipping industry is about to join the ranks.

According to a researcher's professional, “the government's aggressive carbon reduction targets and the need to reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs are driving the use of battery technology in ships. Battery technology can be used as part of a hybrid system on a ship. It is also possible to fully power the ship.” At this fair in Amsterdam, this advancement in the application of electricity to ships is evident.

German battery manufacturer Akasol AG announced at the show that it is powering a new hybrid superyacht developed for an Italian company. The company's first generation AKASystem 15 OEM battery system can be used on ships. It is understood that this yacht can sail for a short distance of 8 knots of electric cruise and can be parked for up to 17 hours under the electric drive of the lithium-ion battery system. At the show, the company demonstrated its second-generation AKASystem OEM PRC, which offers 33% more energy than its predecessor.

 A professional said that in the short term, the use of battery technology may be most effective in the field of inland and coastal shipping, including ferry, passenger transport and small cargo transport. This is the most advantageous. First, the journey is shorter, you don't have to worry about the endurance problem. The second stop time and the stop are fixed, and you can charge it regularly.