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Lithium Battery Will Become The Main Force Of Lithium Battery

Mar 09, 2018

At present, the technical application of lithium battery in energy storage mainly revolves in the standby power supply of the power grid base station, home light storage systems, electric vehicles and charging stations, power tools, Home Office equipment and other fields, in the "Thirteen-Five" period, China's energy storage market in the public sector to take the lead in the field, from the transmission side to the user side infiltration. Data show that 2017 lithium battery storage market application of about 5.8gwh,2018 years of lithium-ion battery market share will continue to maintain a steady increase in the trend of the year.

The lithium-ion battery can be divided into three kinds of consumption, power and energy storage according to the application scenario. Now the industry is highly valued is the power of lithium batteries and lithium batteries, according to the authoritative experts predicted that by 2020 China's power lithium batteries in the full use of lithium batteries accounted for the expected rise to 70%, the power battery will become the main force of lithium batteries.

Power Lithium battery will become the main force of lithium Batteries 2020 application ratio is expected to rise to 70%

The lithium battery industry develops rapidly, the first reason is the policy promotes the new energy automobile industry development. In April 2017, the state Ministry of Industry issued the latest "long-term development plan for the automotive sector" also mentioned that 2020 new energy vehicle production and sales to reach 2 million vehicles, and strive to 2025 new energy vehicles accounted for more than 20% of automobile production and sales. It can be seen that the future of new energy and green energy conservation industries become an important pillar industry of society.

In the future trend of power battery technology, ternary is becoming a big trend. Compared with lithium cobalt oxide, lithium iron phosphate and lithium manganese oxide battery, ternary lithium battery has high energy density, high voltage platform, high vibration density, good cycling performance, electrochemical stability and other characteristics, in the promotion of new energy vehicle mileage has a clear advantage, but also has a large output power, low temperature performance, can be adapted to all-weather temperature advantages. For electric vehicles, no doubt consumers are mostly concerned about its endurance and safety, lithium battery is clearly a better choice.

The rapid rise in demand for electric vehicles has led to a sharp rise in demand for power lithium-ion batteries, making it the main force for the growth of lithium-ion battery industry. Lithium is a highly resilient product, from the 80 's birth, has been a long time of precipitation and technological innovation, at the same time, regardless of the production or destruction of lithium battery to the environmental harm is relatively small, more in line with the current demands of social development, so the lithium battery has become the core focus of today's new In the medium term, the current upgrading of transport technology is the core of global application technology upgrades, power lithium battery as a transport technology upgrade indispensable ancillary products, in the next 3-5 years is expected to have great development.