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Lithium Battery Storage Considerations

Apr 18, 2017

Storage requirements: the temperature is 20 + / - 5 ℃, humidity is no more than 50% of the environment, transport to avoid air and water vapor on the aluminum foil erosion;

This product is divided into A, B two paragraphs, each of the key features as follows: A, appearance is black, conventional coating thickness for double 4 ~ 8 microns, conductive performance is more prominent; B appearance for light grey, conventional coating thickness for 2 ~ 3 microns, coating area to do less layer welding, and can jump gap coater identification;

B (gray) coated carbon foil can direct the coating area to do ultrasonic welding, batteries are only suitable for coiling welded ear (pole piece up to 2-3 layers), but the ultrasonic power, time to do some fine tune;

Carbon layer heat less than aluminum foil, so do coating for tape speed and baking temperature appropriate fine-tuning.

This product for the comprehensive performance of lithium battery and capacitor has a considerable increase, but not as the main factors that change the batteries in a performance, such as battery energy density, high and low temperature performance, high voltage and so on.