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Lithium Battery Role

Apr 18, 2017

Inhibit cell polarization, reduce the heating effect and improve the rate performance;

Lower the battery internal resistance, and decrease the circulation process of dynamic resistance increase;

To improve the consistency, increase the battery cycle life;

Improve the adhesion of and active materials, reduce the pole piece manufacturing cost;

Protect collection of fluid from the electrolyte corrosion;

Improve the high and low temperature performance of lithium iron phosphate batteries, lithium iron phosphate, lithium titanate materials processing performance.

Battery: current limit. Battery core in mobile phone battery systems, for example, the overcharge protection system System using the charger output voltage is set at around 4.2 V, to achieve the first layer protection, so that even in the battery protection board failure, the battery will not be overcharge and dangerous. The second protection is to protect the overcharge protection function on the plate, generally set to 4.3 V. So, usually don't have to be responsible for protection board Cut off the charging current, only when abnormal high voltage charger, only need action. Overcurrent protection is the protection board and current limit to be responsible for, this also is two protection, protection from over current and external short circuit.