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Lithium Battery Explosion Type

Apr 18, 2017
Explosion type analysis battery core type can be summarized as external short circuit, internal short circuit and overcharge 3 kinds. The external refers to the batteries of the external, contains the electric ChiZu internal insulation design and poor caused by short circuit. When external short-circuited batteries, electronic components and failed to cut off the circuit, batteries inside will produce heat, caused part of the electrolyte vaporization, the battery shell support. When high battery internal temperature to 135 degrees Celsius, good quality paper, diaphragm will close pores, electrochemical reaction termination or near end, current, temperature is falling slowly, then avoid the explosion occurred. But the pores close rate is poor, or pores do not close the diaphragm paper, can let the battery temperature continues to rise, more electrolyte vaporization, finally the battery shell burst, and even to increase the battery temperature to make materials combustion and explosion. Internal short circuit is mainly because of the copper foil and aluminum foil burr in the diaphragm, or lithium atoms of dendritic crystal worn out by the diaphragm.