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Lithium Battery Development Process

Apr 18, 2017

1, in the 1970 s, M.S.W exxon hittingham using titanium sulfide as the anode material, metallic lithium as negative material, made the first lithium battery.

2, 1980, j. Goodenough discovered cobalt acid lithium can be used as lithium ion battery cathode material.

3, 1982, university of Illinois Institute of Technology (the Illinois Institute of Technology) of R.R.A garwal and J.R.S elman found embedded lithium ion has the properties of the graphite, the process is quick, and reversible. At the same time, made of metallic lithium lithium batteries, much attention has been paid to its safety problems, so people try to take advantage of the characteristics of lithium ion embedded graphite production of rechargeable batteries. The first available lithium-ion graphite electrode successfully trial-produced by bell LABS.

4, 1983 m. hackeray, J.G galaxite oodenough and others found to be excellent cathode material, with a low price, stable and good conductive lithium, guide performance. Its decomposition temperature is high, and oxidation is far lower than the cobalt acid lithium, even if a short circuit, over charge, also can avoid the risk of combustion and explosion.

The digital products such as the widespread use of mobile phones, laptops and other products, lithium-ion battery with excellent performance is widely used in such products, and gradually to other areas of application development products. In 1998, tianjin institute of power began commercial production of lithium ion battery. Traditionally, people called the lithium ion battery is lithium battery, but the two batteries are not the same. Lithium ion battery has become the mainstream.