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Lithium Battery Cover To Usher In New Changes

Sep 08, 2018

Batteries are the driving force behind the electric vehicle industry. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries have made tremendous progress over the past few decades as manufacturers have been striving for greater energy density, longer life and better safety.

Prices for lithium-ion batteries are still high, accounting for a full third of the total cost of electric vehicles, and owners and manufacturers are not willing to spend too much money on battery replacement. It is crucial to ensure that consumers do not hesitate to buy electric cars because of the high cost of battery replacement in China. When the general public can afford the purchase and maintenance of electric vehicles, the overall sales growth will be achieved.

Therefore, high efficiency and strong performance are very important for power batteries, especially the pure range of vehicles and the extension of battery life. If we can overcome these difficulties, China's lithium power industry will be able to remain competitive in the global market. Finding the right solution to improve battery performance has become one of the hottest topics in China's electric vehicle industry. At present, the discussion in this field mainly focuses on battery raw materials, positive and negative electrodes, electrolytes, diaphragms, battery PACK system and battery management system (BMS) technology. However, the stability of a single battery shell and its potential structural weaknesses are often overlooked, making it one of the factors affecting battery performance and service life.

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