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Lithium Battery Cell Structure

Apr 18, 2017

Lithium Battery Cell Structure

Lithium batteries usually has two features: cylindrical and square. Inside the battery adopts spiral winding structure, with a very fine permeability and strong polyethylene film interval between positive and negative isolation material. The anode including by cobalt acid lithium (nickel or cobalt acid lithium, manganese acid lithium, lithium iron phosphate, etc.) and current collector composed of aluminum foil. The cathode by graphitized carbon material and the current collector of copper foil. Inside the battery charger with organic electrolyte solution. Also equipped with safety relief valves and PTC element cylindrical use (part), so that the battery in the abnormal state and the output short circuit protect cells from damage.

Single section of lithium battery voltage of 3.7 V (3.2 V lithium iron phosphate anode), battery capacity is not likely to infinite, therefore, will be a single section often lithium battery series, in parallel processing, in order to meet the requirements of different occasions.

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