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Is It True That The Latest Battery Technology Allows Golf Carts To Travel 4800 Kilometers A Single Time?

Jul 20, 2019

Electric vehicle has already become a well-known thing in our life, but compared with the internal combustion engine vehicle with a long history and inheritance, electric vehicle has a long way to go, with more possibilities and development. Recently, researchers at Purdue University in the United States have developed a new type of battery, which can achieve fast charging effect. The battery can charge electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles quickly without the need to build large-scale charging infrastructure.

golf cart battery

Staff are debugging the New Energy Golf Car

The new battery is a membrane-free battery, which uses a new liquid electrolyte to replace used battery liquid, just like refueling at a gas station. Used battery liquids or electrolytes can also be collected and sent to solar power plants, wind power plants or hydroelectric power plants in batches for recharging, turning into electrolytes for recycling.

golf cart battery

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