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Intelligent New Energy Shipbuilding Technology Innovation Industry Alliance Was Announced Officially.

Apr 20, 2018

On April 13th, Zhejiang Gosend Power Technology Co., Ltd. united with other 47 universities, research institutes, enterprises and institutions which cover upstream and downstream of the intelligent new energy ship technology industrial chain from ships, supporting facilities, shipping, new energy, and financial leasing. The jointly initiated smart new energy ship technology innovation industry alliance was formally announced in the place "Inland Water Operational Development Demonstration Zone" - Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. Our company became the vice president of the alliance.

The Smart New Energy Ship Technology Innovation Industry Alliance aims to promote the technological innovation and industrialization of China's smart new energy ships, realize the technical cooperation, project cooperation, and information sharing of alliance members, and build a leading, internationally renowned “production, learning, "Research, engineering, finance" integrated ship high-tech industry alliance.

In "Made in China 2025", high-tech ship is one of the ten key areas of smart manufacturing. Smart and green ship is hot topic as future development trend of the shipbuilding industry. The establishment of the alliance undoubtedly provides an important platform for the industry to complement each other's advantages, expand the development space, enhance the competitiveness of the industry, and realize road changeovers. The linkage between alliance members will become a booster for the rapid development of the industry, which will create a synergy in the field of smart new energy ships and have a tremendous impact.


Zhu Yingfu, who is the chief engineer of the first aircraft carrier “Liaoning Ship” was invited to serve as the director of the Expert Committee of the Alliance. At the same time, the "48TEU intelligent new energy container ship" Project is officially launched, which members are Wuhan Institute of Technology, the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation No. 711 Research Institute, and Zhejiang Godsend Power Technology. Co., Ltd., Shanghai Wuyang Shipbuilding Technology Co., Ltd., China Classification Society Wuhan Institute of Standards, Guangzhou Haigong Shipbuilding Equipment Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Huzhou Shipping Industry Corporation and other units. This project will break through the new inland river container ship design concept, overcome key technologies such as pure battery power, shaftless rim drive and ship autonomous navigation control, and innovate the operation mode of inland water container transportation, from Shanghai Anji Shanghai to Shanghai The demonstration application of the real ship shipping at the Qinghai Wharf achieves the intelligent, green and efficient development goals of the inland river.

The establishment of the alliance and the implementation of the “48TEU Intelligent New Energy Container Ship” project are important platforms and measures for the exploration of the smart electric ship market. We will surely achieve both economic and social benefits and help the company develop soundly and quickly!