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Hui-hang Ancient Path Trailwalk

Aug 27, 2016

    In order to stimulate the potential, to challenge the will, to build a sincere, friendly and mutual platform, to promote the interaction, to cohesion team strength of employees, we organized the "Along The Way With You—Hui-hang Ancient Path Trailwalk "on August 27. Over 60 person in the executive and supervisory level participated in the activity, positively responded and highly praised.

   The ancient path is 20 kilometers, from Ma Xiao Village, Lin'an City, Zhejiang Province in the east to Fuling Town, Jixi County, Anhui Province in the west. The activity started from Zhechuan Village to Jixi County, which took more than 6 hours. We walked through the Happy Donkey Library, Blue Sky Concave, Snow Hall, Huang Maopei village, "Hui-Hang Key" Jiangnan First Customs, went up and down the hill, and moved through the rough bumps. Fortunately, the weather on that day was cool and windy, creating a good condition for the trailwalk. On the same time, we enjoyed the beautiful lake and mountain, colorful wild flowers, lush green hills, gurgling brooks, numerous rocks, peaceful road. When walking leisurely, we happily talked about life and job, relaxed a lot. We encouraged and supported each other in the whole process, and no one wanted to give up in halfway. Successfully, everyone arrived in the end. 

   We never give up and never abandon, working together to complete a challenging and delightful walk, showing a positive attitude and strong perseverance just like the property Godsend lithium battery possesses.