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How To Replace The Battery?

Dec 12, 2020

1. The battery should be installed in the trunk of the car to check the exact position of the battery before disassembly. Some of the cars are tied to the right side of the trunk, and some are tied to the bottom of the trunk.

2. Remove the end position protection and fix the support nut.

3. Remove the port at the interface between the two sides (remove the negative pole first and then the positive pole). Due to the negative connection of the body, the special tool for metal material removal can not touch the body, which will lead to short circuit fault.

4. After removing the surrounding positioning device and its positive and negative cables, the rechargeable battery can be removed and replaced. (Note: when removing the rechargeable battery, the tilt angle should not exceed 40 to avoid the outflow of battery electrolyte.)


Battery maintenance:

1. Prevent long-term vehicle parking outdoors. In case of long-term parking, take out the battery to prevent freezing damage.

2. It is not easy to start the automobile engine in winter. The starting time shall not exceed 5 seconds and the starting time shall not be less than 15 seconds. If you still don't yell after several starts, you need to find out the reason from the power supply circuit, spark plug or fuel pipe level. Prevent several consecutive starts, which will cause the battery to burn out due to overcharge and discharge.

3. The automobile battery should always be charged, and the battery will gradually self charge and discharge for a long time until it is damaged. Therefore, the automobile battery should be charged every time.

4. Clean the bottle joint once every time and maintain the whole line with special vegetable oil and vegetable oil. Always check battery parts and connections.

5. It is strictly forbidden to use the automobile electrical appliances after the car is on fire. If the engine does not use the battery independently, it will cause harm.