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How To Repair Lithium Battery Electric Vehicle

Feb 12, 2020

1.The specification of lithium battery pack for electric vehicle is 48v20ah, which can be charged and repaired with 60v20ah battery charger;                            

2. 48v12ah lithium battery pack can be charged and repaired with 48v20ah battery charger. 

3. Using hot air water from dry cleaning shop to repair lithium battery, the majority of electric vehicle users are aware that electric vehicle is not far away from running, and need to add distilled water to maintain and repair battery. However, the purified water and all kinds of replenishing and repairing liquid sold on the market have a short-term effect on the battery, and then accelerate the performance decline of the battery and scrap it in advance. Warm tips: precautions for lithium battery repair The cycle life of lithium battery is about 600 times. If the number of charges is more, the thermal movement of molecules will gradually destroy the molecular arrangement microstructure, and the storage charge efficiency will gradually reduce. The price of lithium battery is not too high. It is better to buy a new battery than to repair it. In addition, forming good use habits is also a shortcut to extend the life of lithium battery. In the process of using lithium battery, due to improper use and other problems, there will be some conditions. Therefore, we must use lithium battery carefully and operate according to the instructions. When there is a problem with lithium battery, you can refer to the above methods to repair the lithium battery.