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How To Reduce The Cost Of Liquid/lead-carbon/lithium-ion Batteries Before The Commercialization Of Energy Storage?

May 19, 2018

In 2017, the global energy storage market was characterized by “large scale, fast speed, multiple policies, and hot market”. Among all kinds of energy storage technologies, electrochemical energy storage has developed at the fastest speed, and the development of lithium ion batteries, lead storage batteries, and flow batteries has entered the fast track. According to the incomplete statistics of CNESA (Zhongguancun Energy Storage Industry Technology Alliance) project library, as of the end of 2017, the cumulative operating capacity of global electrochemical energy storage is 2.9GW, with an annual growth rate of 45%; Up to 0.9 GW, more than 130 projects have been put into operation throughout the year.

How to reduce the cost of liquid/lead-carbon/lithium-ion batteries before the commercialization of energy storage?

The release of the first state-level energy storage industrial policy “Guidelines for Energy Storage” opened a new chapter in the status of China's energy storage industry and its market mechanisms. However, there is consensus in the industry that at present, China's large-scale energy storage market has not really begun, and the cost issue is one of the important factors. For the cost of solving the energy storage system, domestic enterprises have gained a lot of experience.