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How To Prolong The Life Of The Lithium Battery For Electric Vehicles?

Jul 30, 2018

With the progress of the times, everyone advocates energy saving and environmental protection. Environmentally-friendly electric bicycles and electric vehicles have entered thousands of households. Then how can we ensure that the loss of electric vehicle batteries is not so fast?

1. if the electric vehicle charger is normal, and the electric bicycle running less than 10km per day, the brand-name new battery can be properly supplied with deionized water near the expiration of the warranty period. If you drive a 50km electric car every day, you should check the battery situation in 8 months, add the deionized water properly, add 3 to 4ml per grid, especially in summer, and keep the safety valve in mind after adding the water. The regular electric car is recommended for half a year to check and maintain according to the situation.

2. many users who use electric vehicles find that the positive electrode is easy to lag behind, and the battery has the greatest damage due to the different distribution capacitance between the cell monomers and the body. While adding water, the middle battery and the next position will be adjusted to make the positive battery rotate.

3. when the battery is displayed above 80%, it does not need to be recharged. It has the opportunity to charge between 30% and 80%. If it is less than 30%, it must be charged.

4. the speed of acceleration should be gentle and not overloaded. Those who have pedal devices should try their best to help people in the beginning and uphill.

5. the battery in the battery box should be tightly packed with paper skin. If the bottom is possible, foam double sided adhesive can be used to avoid battery vibration.

6. discharge once a month, then charge 12h. continuously.

7. the battery charger should always check the parameters of the charger and keep the battery match with the charger.

8. once the charger is found to be difficult to turn green, or a charge will be turned green, and the battery's temperature rise is abnormal when charging, it should be immediately checked whether the charger is a problem or the battery.

9. a charger with no temperature compensation, a 6A10 diode is connected in series between the charger and the battery in summer, and two 6A10 diodes are connected in series with the colloid battery; the rest of the season, the short diode.

10. keep the machine technology in good condition, the tire pressure is sufficient, the lubrication is good, the gap of the brake is normal.

With the above 10 measures, the lithium battery can double the service life.