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How To Evaluate The Lithium Battery Safety Of New Energy Vehicles?

Jun 28, 2017

Now NCM battery and LFP battery occupy the electric vehicle battery market as equal.

How to judge the safety performance of batteries, I think we can consider it from three aspects.

1. will it spontaneously combust and explode?

The two materials of lithium iron phosphate battery and NCM battery decompose at certain temperature. NCM materials will decompose at 200℃, while the lithium iron phosphate materials at 800 degrees.

And chemical reaction of NCM material is more intense. It will release oxygen molecules, burning rapidly in high temperature under the reaction of electrolyte. So NCM material fires more easily than LFP material. Therefore, some people say that lithium iron phosphate battery is the safest lithium battery for EV.

2. Is the high voltage current of the battery safe?

About this, it needs to be discussed combining with the design of the car, that is to say, it varies from car to car.

3. Is the radiation of the battery big?

There are very strict requirements on electromagnetic standards in China, even more strict than international standards.

According to the United Nations International Health Organization's safety standards, the magnetic radiation is 100 μT for electromagnetic radiation. The value of our mobile phones, chargers, computers and other electronic products is about 4 μT. Another intuitive point, WeChat  electromagnetic radiation is 0.2 μT. The electromagnetic radiation is up to 19μT when the video is played. And BYD E6 is about 2.95μT, Jianghuai iEV4 is about 0.597 μT, Tengshi EV is about 0.39 μT.

Therefore, the electromagnetic radiation safety of electric vehicles can be assured.

There are argues on which type of electric vehicle battery is better. As far as I know, there has not been any kind of battery technology can meet all the technical requirements of new energy vehicle.

If you want to buy a EV based on this option, you'll need more information about other features and configurations of the vehicle.

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