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How Does An Electric Vehicle’s Battery Charge “through Winter” With A Losing Ability To Hold A Charge

Nov 07, 2017

When the ambient temperature is under 0 , usually the battery system heat the cell first until it reaches 5 , then starts charging battery. By using of Godsend battery system, the BMS can charge battery at -20 without any heating process. Some drivers found that it is slow of charging through winter, this is because additional time is needed for heating the cells. Therefore, drivers should charge at underground parking or closed garage, which keeps the car battery alive, cuts down the loss of battery capacity and improves the charging efficiency, as well as saves time.

Charging for a short while before going out.

Some drivers had experienced this problem: the battery’s SOC is 60% or 70% the day before, but at next morning when they start car, the SOC is only 30% or less. Someone calls this problem as “electric leakage”. In fact it is not system fault, it’s caused by low temperature. When car is driven on the road, its battery is at the state of continuous discharging, cell temperature is high, so is the voltage. At this time the battery’s SOC is a normal value. After one night-park at low temperature, the battery temperature cools down, meanwhile its voltage declines. When restarting the car, there is a self-regulation of SOC. That’s why we have a false impression of “electric leakage”. In such a case, it is best to charge the battery about 10 minutes before going out.

Do not drive a car in a hurry

When you drive an electric car, get it off at a low speed-up. Bad driving habits like braking hard, turning sharply should be avoided. A good driving manner can low down the loss of battery capacity. The time of starting a car should be limited within 5s, and restart it at least 15s later. Drivers should get the car to 4S shop for checking if the battery capacity drops a lot. Timely add electrolyte or adjust its balance if necessary. 

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