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GodSend Ran A Successful Fire Drill

Dec 21, 2017

       On 12th Dec, GodSsend ran a fire drill, which is necessary to protect life & health, company assets from the dangers of fire, to rehearse and train staff to act in a calm and orderly manner. Simulating fire scene, organizer activated the fire alarm system without warning in advance. Everyone stopped working after receiving fire broadcasting, switched machine off and turned off the power. Firefighting groups picked up nearby extinguishers to put out by simulating. Evacuation groups opened the fireproof door at once. Directors, group leaders of each department organized their staff to escape timely and orderly from fire escape routes. Gathering at specified place, the organizer checked the number of staff and other things. Finally the fireman taught how to use the fire extinguishers and some notes, and some staff handle it in practice.