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Godsend Power—the Trend Leader In The New Energy Industry

Sep 06, 2014

July, 2010, with the belief of “we are doing a meaningful job”,a 7-people team under the leadership of president, start the business of lithium battery.

Within a year, we already have environmental production and unique battery pack technology of the world’s earliest oily adhesive“PVDF”. Now, we have successfully researched more than ten kinds of batteries from 5Ah to 80Ah. Meanwhile, we got various patents in research&development and process technology, get many certification such as CE, UN38.3, ISO9001-2008.And the batteries would be sent to Beijing 201 institute to pass mandatory test. In Aug 20th, the Qianjiang Evening News published a list of “2010 Strength Enterprise”, Godsend Power ranked the first in the new energy industry. The news delighted the general manager and staff very much, it enhance the motivation again. We keep the faith in mind and lay emphasis to strive to work. In combination with the concept of “science and technology are the primary productive force.” our enterprise tenet is: science and technology create a bright future for the new energy.

Above achievements shows that our efforts is worth and have achieve social recognition. Honors only represent the past, we will insist on the spirit of “dare to think, strive to work”, to contribute our whole strength to Godsend Power in the future.

As we all know, with constant consumption, fossil energy will be difficult to meet the needs of production and living, so developing sustainable new energy is extremely important. New energy’s low-carbon characteristics exactly confirm the philosophy in today’s development very well.

Lithium battery has such superiorities as high energy density, long cycle life, low self-discharge, non-memory effect and environmental friendly, etc. Lithium battery was a new green rechargeable battery developed successfully in the 1990s. With rapid development in recent decades, lithium battery occupies the largest market share in the small rechargeable batteries market and has become the most competitive battery in chemical power source application field. Meanwhile, lithium battery has extensive application fields, it is the most ideal and the most professional technology rechargeable battery. At present,lithium battery has been applied in mobile phones, laptops, electric tools,electronics, and in future will used in EVs, E-bikes, aerospace and military industry,mobile communication equipment etc. With the growing demand, lithium battery will be expected to have explosive growth in EVs.

In China, developing lithium battery is in accordance with national situations. In some large and medium-sized cities, the phenomenon like dense population, traffic jam and vehicle pollution become more and more serious. The damage of exhaust and noise to the environment must be controlled and governed. So the lithium battery industry applied in EVs will be accoladed by government.            

Godsend Power’s lithium battery industry keep up the trend of the times.Joining in Godsend Power is very proactive for our staff. Our company has been committed to build a perfect one with the core competitiveness, advanced attitude in face to the global market, attaching importance to the staff’s quality and winning more customers’ favour. “Science and technology create a better new energy future” is our purpose. Though because of the specificities of new energy for high upfront investment and long research period, we still adhere the determination to become a domestic and even world first-class battery manufacturer. “As long as we are on the right road, don’t be afraid too far; the right direction as well, we will get destination someday.” said our general manager.