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Godsend Li Battery R&D Center Was Recognized By Science Technology Department

Jan 06, 2017

December 23, the results of year 2016 Provincial high-tech enterprise R&D Center were released. Godsend Li Power Battery Provincial R&D Center was recognized to be provincial R&D center, symbolizing that the company's R& D capability and innovation system reach a new level.


The recognition was organized by Science Technology Department of Zhejiang Province according to regulation for Zhejiang high-tech enterprise R&D Center. It was selected through on-the-spot investigation and expert review. The purpose is to strengthen enterprise research institution construction, to guide enterprises to increase investment in science and technology, innovative talents cultivation, scientific and technological achievements transformation acceleration, independent innovation and core competitiveness cultivation.

It is the key point to enhance technical innovation, as well as the only choice to self demand of development, competitiveness and market competition, that company high level R&D Center is constructed. As for innovative manufacturing enterprise like Godsend, a long-term healthy development needs technological innovation system establishment. R&D center is set up for this, while place, equipment, funds, person are provided by the company to create a good environment for the construction and development of the center, new product, technology, process and process optimization developed by the center to promote the rapid development of the company.

Right now, we have advanced research and development equipments in our laboratory. We build a single cell lab, a material lab, a electrochemistry lab, a battery system lab and a BMS lab. The center consists of four research groups including raw materials testing, new product development, process optimization and production input. It also have three centers including products testing, technical information and school-enterprise combination. A technical committee of experts has also been set up, composed of a number of well-known university professors, mainly responsible for the latest technology and the development of similar products at home and abroad. The center has a laboratory test line and pilot production line. According to invention and innovation capability, we have been authorized 37 patents. We are participating the national vehicle power batteries and battery systems standards drafting. More than 80% patents successfully achieve the transformation of economic benefits and social benefits.

In the next three years ,we will continually enhance team researching ability, increase laboratory and testing equipments, strengthen the new battery technology and improve the comprehensive utilization of intellectual property rights, reasonable suggestions and maintenance work. Adhering to “independent innovation, industry-university-institute cooperation”, we will develop a series of high-tech and high-value products, closely combine with market, improve the core competitiveness and economic benefit of the company.

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