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Godsend Be Chun’an New Industry Development Mode

Mar 11, 2016

On the morning of March 11,2016, county economic work conference was held grandly in Chun’an Water spirit Theatre. Over 800 person including four sets of county leaders, representatives of ministry, key enterprises joined the meeting. On the meeting, each model was rewarded. Deputies of new industry and outstanding companies made a speech of interaction. Godsend, as a deputy of key enterprise, was invited to attend the meeting. General manager of Sun Jianping made a speech.


Godsend relocated to beautiful Qiandao Lake in May, 2015. We made an effort to build 7,500 millions Ah high-property lithium battery program. Two lines were put into production in less than half a year, creating Godsend speed. In December we sold 106.7 million yuan. We have got great help from government department in the process, being 2015 Chun’an invest model.

Mr Sun said, we developed lithium battery before 6 years ago, and then Godsend has become drafting unit of lithium battery national standard. We have made 2 advanced production lines in international level. This year we will build the program in second phase based on the first one. 5 billion yuan sales and more market share are expected. In the meantime, we will set up a research institute of lithium battery. Innovation and research are always the first priority.

Secretary of Zhu Dangqi highly praised Mr. Sun’s representation and Godsend achievement on the meeting. He said, government will always put new industry development on an important place. To create an benign investment circumstance for company future is the goal of state. We were awarded 2015 typical development of eco industrial enterprise as well. On the fertile soil of innovation and development in Chun’an, we believe Godsend will set foot on a new step in 2016.