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Godsend Attended 12th International Battery Exhibition

Jun 13, 2016

  May 24 to 26, 2016, the 12th China International Battery Technology Exhibition (CIBF2016) was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center with an unprecedented scale and spectacular scenes. Zhejiang Godsend Power Technology Co., Ltd. put a high value on this exhibition. General manager of Sun Jianping personally led a strong team composed by the three experts and doctors of lithium battery, BMS and battery system from Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Technology to participate the exhibition, achieving good results.


   CIBF2016 exhibition is the largest in the world and in the first place in China battery industry. The total exhibition area is 82,500 square meters. The exhibitors number is over 1135 and the booth number is over 4,000. The exhibition attracts a large number of domestic and foreign customers. More than 30 thousands industry participants from 50 countries and regions came to the exhibition, making it a global super-scale battery industry chain event.


    In the exhibition, we exhibited more than 10 core products, among which the most appealing are lithium battery cells, battery management systems, battery packs for electric car, electric bus, etc. The lithium battery cells are of high energy density, high capacity, long cycle life, high power and output, low self-discharge, high and low temperature adaptability and environmental-friendly. Comparing to the former, cell performances in charge rate, discharge rate, low-temperature discharge have been greatly improved. The energy density of the new NCM battery cell is over 172Wh/ kg, and the LFP battery cell is more than 138 Wh/kg. Our own BMS, composed of battery management control unit (BMU), high voltage management control unit (HMU) and local electrical control unit (LECU), have functions of battery balancing, battery electrothermal parameter detection, charge-discharge control, state estimation and thermal management, etc. SOC/SOH/SOP core algorithm is used, and SOC estimation accuracy is less than 5%, the data acquisition speed is 0.8ms. At the same time, the BMS(Battery Management System) greatly improve the efficiency and prolong the cycle life of battery. Besides, battery pack with heat exchange management is shown for the first time in this exhibition. The temperature range can be controlled in 2℃ without any weight increased, catching many merchants’ attention.


    A continuous stream of visitors came to the exhibition and a lot of battery customers give a high recognition to the product performance and safety after in-depth knowing our products. Several well-known domestic automobile manufacturers expressed a strong sense of cooperation. Even South Korean businessmen was signed a purchase order.


   The Shenzhen CIBF exhibition is fruitful for our company. Through the mutual communication with the customers and their counterparts, we can not only understand the important front industry information, but also fully demonstrate the company image and products, making more upstream and downstream enterprises cooperate with Godsend. With rapid development of EV industry, higher requirements have been put forward in battery safety, high reliability and low costs to the battery manufacturers in world market. With a strong innovation and constantly self transcendence, We believe that Godsend Power will be able to get more recognition and praise.

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