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Fire Drill Activity Is Held In The Factory

May 01, 2019

In order to further improve employees' awareness of safety and fire prevention and enhance their on-site emergency response abilities. On the afternoon of April 30, we held a fire safety emergency drill in the factory.

This fire drill activity consists of three parts, namely, fire knowledge popularization, fire equipment use and on-site practice. The office security officer explained the basic knowledge and precautions of fire protection to all participants, and demonstrated the use of fire equipment. Besides, each employee is supposed to carry out practical operations and master the use of fire-fighting equipment. By simulating the fire in the workshop, the fire brigade personnel extracted the fire extinguishing equipment to put out the fire. The supervisor of the workshop commanded other employees to evacuate along the nearest escape route. The whole activity was serious, tense but orderly, and it achieved the expected results.

In the end, the leaders of the production department remarked: “through this activity, employees' awareness of safety and fire prevention are improved and their practical ability and self-rescue ability to the on-site emergency are enhanced.


Picture 1: Escape from the fire


Picture 2: Put out the fire

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