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Father Of Lithium Battery Wins Nobel Prize!

Oct 22, 2019

John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino won the Nobel Prize in chemistry on the evening of Oct 9th “for the development of lithium-ion batteries” . The three "fathers of lithium batteries" have won the Nobel Prize in chemistry, which shows that the industry recognizes their great contribution to human beings in terms of energy storage batteries. The world's attention has focused on the field of energy storage, the market has broad prospects, huge space for development.

The lithium battery market is growing fast

Lithium-ion batteries are lightweight, rechargeable and powerful batteries that are used today in everything from mobile phones to laptops and electric cars. And it can store a lot of energy from the sun and wind.

In 2018, the global lithium ion battery market grew 21.81% year-on-year to 188.8GWh, with a compound annual growth rate of 27.12% over the past five years.China's lithium-ion battery market produced 102GWh, up 26.71% year-on-year and more than half of global output. China's cathode material market reached 53.5 billion yuan, up 22.7% year on year. The market scale of negative electrode materials exceeded 10 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 27.9%.

Limited by cost, technology and other factors, energy storage lithium battery is still in the market leading period. Energy storage lithium batteries in China increased 48.57 percent year-on-year to 5.2GWh last year.

According to the above data, the global and Chinese lithium battery market is growing rapidly and there is still great potential in this market. Current smart phones, new energy vehicles, photovoltaic hair. Electricity and other technologies are developing rapidly and there is a strong demand for energy storage. We expect more powerful batteries to store more power at lower cost. What can be expected is that the future is a decade of rapid development for the energy storage industry, with energy storage evolving rapidly until it replaces fossil fuels.

Huge storage space

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Energy storage battery field is wide, which in our new energy storage field, there is a huge potential to tap. At present, wind-solar power is developing rapidly, and the power grid is tight, so more energy storage power stations are urgently needed to adjust the peak and frequency. At the same time, industrial and commercial energy storage and household energy storage potential is also huge, supporting photovoltaic power station, can achieve 100% clean energy, to achieve self-sufficiency.

Before the explosion tuyere of photovoltaic power generation is over, the development tuyere of energy storage is coming again. The combination of photovoltaic and energy storage realizes the new energy to become high-quality energy. As energy storage costs continue to decrease and performance continues to strengthen, new energy ushered in a development opportunity.

Many photovoltaic people are thinking about how to transform, energy storage industry is a good field, currently there are thousands of companies in the industry, the market space is huge, are waiting for the arrival of energy storage tuyere.