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E-ship Was Officially Operated In Miyun Reservoir

Jul 01, 2019

    On July 1st, the Miyun Reservoir Water quality Monitoring ship, built by Beijing Miyun Reservoir Administration was launched at Beijing Miyun Reservoir.

    This ship is 24.5 meters of length, 5.5 meters of width and 75 tons of the displacement. Also, it has propulsion motor 2 × 100kw, main generator 280kw. And in inland waterway class B navigation area, it will at the speed of 15km/h.


    Equipped with Godsend Power LiFePO4 battery system as the main power supply, such an advanced Electric ship is environmentally-friendly, which greatly  peotects the envionment. Zero noise, zero emission can be achieved and the electricity can meet the normal working requirements of one day. The battery system will charged at night (valley time), which can geratly save the cost. Also, this LFP battery system has the life cycle of more than 8 years.