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Do You Know The Characteristics Of Electric Vehicle Batteries?

Sep 29, 2020

1. Large capacity and high specific power

The product adopts imported high-purity raw materials and national patented technology, and has the characteristics of excellent high-current discharge performance and high capacity.

2. Long service life

Under the standard state, DOD is 80% (new standard), and can carry out 600-800 cycles.

3. High low temperature capacity

The product has a super low temperature charge and discharge acceptability, which avoids the sharp reduction of battery mileage in winter.

4. Strong ability to accept fast charging

Scientific structure design, the battery is fast charged according to the QC/T742-2006 standard, and 100% of the capacity is completed in one hour.

5. Maintenance-free fast charging feature

The battery is a valve-controlled sealed structure, with very little water loss during use, no need for water replenishment and maintenance, and a multi-stage intelligent charging method, which can be fully charged in about 8 hours under normal conditions.

6. Good over-discharge recovery ability

The use of rare earth alloys and formulas effectively improves the tight combination of the conductive grid and the active material, and the battery can recover 100% of its capacity by recharging when it is occasionally over-discharged.

7. Excellent high current discharge performance

The pole terminal adopts a silver-plated copper core structure, and the wire connection is firm and reliable, safe and convenient, and is more conducive to high current discharge.

8. Better consistency

The new generation of patented formula and the latest special processing technology ensure the stable and consistent use of multi-cell batteries in series.

9. Green and environmental protection

It has a reliable fully sealed structure design, uses a unique gel electrolyte, no leakage and acid mist, and it is reliable and safe to use in any direction. It is a national green environmental protection new energy product.